Feminist Jurist's Allegiance to the Ideology of Hate

Table of contents

The Feminist Jurisprudence, philosophy of gender hatred, MacDworkinism
The New Eugenics, the New Volksgemeinschaf, the new “Genetically Superior Race.”
US: The Fourth Reich
The mass mind-programming by the media
“Domestic violence” – the grand hoax
The new Jew
The bureaucratic mystification
Incarceration Nation
Gross violations of the most sacred human rights
A deranged man-hater – the most-widely cited lawyer in the US
"Victims" or "Violence-prone women?"
Death threats against dissidents
The philosophy of hatred, deceit and privilege
Women above the law, the feminist jurisprudence
Monolithic Collective Shrew
Linda Christophers of the world begin with their schooling
Fraud – the Genesis of the DV movement
How's Linda Christopher different from Gestapo judges of Nazi Germany ?