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They pledged to uphold the Constitution of the US and the State of New York. They Lied. Here is Their True allegiance

An allegiance is a duty of fidelity said to be owed by a subject or a citizen to his/her state or sovereign.  In the pageantry of assuming office, a judge utters the following formula prescribed by the NY State Constitution,

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the State of New York, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Rockland County Family Court Judge, according to the best of my ability.”   

So how and why, then, there is not even a hint of law or fact finding of true facts in the courts of Linda "the Child Abuser" Christopher and parteigenosin Catherine Miklitsch? The answer is simple: they are not interested in facts or law. They were put into their positions of judgeship specifically to subvert the law and abuse discretion. They are hell-bent to abuse the privilege, in order to uphold the feminists' tyranny. The true allegiance of Catherine Miklitsch and  Linda Christopher is illustrated by the photo expose on this page.  You will recognize these judges ( marked on the photos by blue arrows.)

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The Feminist Jurisprudence, philosophy of gender hatred, MacDworkinism
The New Eugenics, the New Volksgemeinschaf, the new “Genetically Superior Race.”
US: The Fourth Reich
The mass mind-programming by the media
“Domestic violence” – the grand hoax
The new Jew
The bureaucratic mystification
Incarceration Nation
Gross violations of the most sacred human rights
A deranged man-hater – the most-widely cited lawyer in the US
"Victims" or "Violence-prone women?"
Death threats against dissidents
The philosophy of hatred, deceit and privilege
Women above the law, the feminist jurisprudence
Monolithic Collective Shrew
Linda Christophers of the world begin with their schooling
Fraud – the Genesis of the DV movement
How's Linda Christopher different from Gestapo judges of Nazi Germany ?


Linda Christopher begins her court hearings with, “Mam, please tell the judge what is that you want.” Or "what would you like the court to do?" Then, it’s “whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.”  Law? – What law? Linda Christopher is the law. Why would a judge so openly show her bias? because of the established system that begins with indoctrination, and continues through political support of the very functionaries of the family court system who expropriate the families savings.

Here's perteigenossin Milkitsch.

Political Studies in Misandry

Notice the overriding emotion on the women's rapt, captivated faces. Indoctrination, based on evoking the deepest, darkest emotions of hate, fear and greed, leading to sustained "judicial" action – severance of the most sacred familial relations, those between the Father and his Children, on wholesale false excuses; sounds familiar, right ? But, no it's not Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union circa 1937. It is the good old USA. Welcome to the Fourth Reich, in which women's bar associations rob families blind under the moniker of "the best interests of the children."

The indoctrination in men-hatred and dehumanization of men is the ideological and emotional foundation on which Miklitsches of this world are appointed. Their express task is financial destruction of men, leaving them unable to support themselves, driving them to become homeless, turning them into the modern age slaves through abuse of judicial discretion and outright fraud. Willingness and ability to blatantly commit fraud in the court is a prerequisite for their career success of these “judges.” These rabid feminazis do not think twice to commit one act of fraud after another – all under the color of law – and protected by “judicial immunity.” With judicial immunity and the police state, who will stop them?


So, what's wrong with political studies the parteigenosin conducts? – Plenty, even in the framework of the femi-fascist law. Let's go to the videotape: Apparently, Judge Christopher is so comfortable with her feminista sistas, that she routinely decides cases at ex parte meetings with them, behind the fathers' back (see Press Release 1), in absence of the men's attorneys.

Then, she orchestrates a number of draconian measures to suppress protests of those victimized: income imputation where the law says there may be none; deliberate long delays between the hearing and issuance of the order, designed to create massive arrears (orders of support are retroactive); non-service of such orders to preclude respondents from being able to object to said orders -- a blatant violation of Constitutionally-protected right to due process; refusal to provide copies of orders (to achieve the latter); concealment of evidence of impropriety in the court proceedings already on file; multiple "mistakes" made with entering the orders, such as attempts to enter "arrears for orders that never existed, going back some 8 years; entering "by mistake" on the state computer amounts 8 times higher than in the actual order. etc. Readers of this site confirmed what I always suspected: the time-critical orders and summonses never arrive in their mail-box. Everything else does. Is it somehow a fluke? A "statistical aberration?" – If you think so, it's only because you haven't dealt with the Family Court Mafia.

When caught red-handed at "fixing" the case at ex parte meetings, Linda Christopher refuses to recuse herself on absolutely ludicrous pretexts that a Motion to Recuse is not accompanied by an Affidavit, when in reality the Affidavit is prominently featured after page 7 of the Motion. This demonstrates how Linda "The Child Abuser" Christopher makes her decisions, not even reading the Motion.

I am often annoyed with the easy dispencing of political labels, such as Nazism orHitlerism or drawing analogies with the Holocaust, thereby belittling the horrific events of the WW-II, with with some current, far less horrible and even minor occurrences.  Yet, the analogies are so strong, they become unavoidable.




The People of New York are NOT Ms. Miklitsch constituents. When she grabbed the power of a magistrate, she had different constituents in mind — her political support base.

Feminazi Trained Chimp women-power

Stalin and Children

"If we want to talk about equality of opportunity for children, then the fact that children are raised in families means there's no equality. ... In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them."   

– Dr. Mary Jo Bane, feminist and assistant professor of education at Wellesley College (Hillary Clinton's alma mater) and associate director of the school's Center for Research on Women, Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of Administration for Children and Families in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Turn them into Feminazi Zambies

China red guard students

Stalin and Children

The Feminist Jurisprudence Philosophy of gender hatred, the MacDworkinism

Rockland County, NY Family Court judge Linda "The Child Abuser" Christopher, and her cohort parteigenossin Catherine M. Miklitsch – both former presidents of the Rockland Women's Bar Association – are the adherents and implementers of the judicial philosophy of Andrea Dworkin (pictured on the left) who co-authored the Violence Against Women Act with the feminist law professor Catharine A. MacKinnon. Here's Andrea Dworkin's program of how men must be treated in "feminist jurisprudence:"

I fucking smash their faces in; I kick them; I hit them; I kick them blind; I like smashing their faces in with one kick, I like dancing on their chests,…with my toes, big, swinging kicks, and I like one big one between the legs, for the sake of form and symbolism, to pay my respects to content as such... I like smashing the bottles into their fucking faces and I like taking the knives, for my collection; I like knives. I find them drunk and lying down and I hurt them and I run; and I fucking don't care about fair; discuss fair at the U.N.; vote on it; from which I enunciate another political principle, It is obscene for a girl to think about fair. { Andrea Dworkin describing “feminist justice” for men in Mercy (1990, 1991) }

It is highly unlikely that any order manufactured by Linda Christopher and / or Catherine Miklitsch is fair or just. These two frauds are frontier justices, feminazi style, committing fraud upon the court under the color of law. They have developed the technology (a body of knowledge) of how to use every trick in the book – and they do not think twice before committing outright fraud to screw over a male litigant. For so doing, they are celebrated, rewarded and supported by the special interests advancing the "status of women," (at the expense of defrauding and destroying the courts' men constituents.)

beet him into a bloody pulpThe ideological "mother" of the contemporary feminist jurisprudence, Andrea Dworkin, expressed the essence of the “feminist jurisprudence” lauded and glorified by generations of American-trained lawyers, in a single program sentence:

I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.”

Just weeks before her death, this grossly overweight, deranged woman was running around to medical doctors, embarrassing the hell out of the whole feminist movement, trying to prove to the world that she was drugged and raped, despite no traces found by her gynecologists of any coitus, let alone rape. But none of her delusional rants can be discarded as simply a product of an unstable mind, especially so in view of the fact that mass media gave a platform for such unprecedented hate-mongering. She used the ideas of victimhood in a cunning, pragmatic way, which paid her handsomely and transferred billions of dollars into the hands of fringe organizations. She was not "stuck" on the idea of women as victims of sex, violence and rape because she was deranged. The MacDworkins (Andrea Dworkin's ideology plus Catharine MacKinnon's practice of "feminist jurisprudence") are cunning and ruthless creatures, they use their alleged victimhood as a tool for achieving  societal dominance, which they use with utmost cruelty to children and men; they know perfectly well what they are doing, as described by Dworkin at the time of writing the text of WAVA:

Momma of VAWAI am writing a plan for revenge, a justice plan, a justice poem, a justice map, a geography of justice; I am martial in my heart and military in my mind; I think in strategy and in poems, a daughter of Guevara and Whitman, ready to take to the hills with a cosmic vision of what's crawling around down on the ground; a daughter with an overview; the big view; a daughter with a new practice of righteous rage, against what ain't named and ain't spoken so it can't be prosecuted except by the one it was done to who knows it, knows him; I'm inventing a new practice of random self-defense; I take their habits and characteristics seriously, as enemy, and I plan to outsmart them and win…

(written by the Mother of VAWA, at the time of cooperating with Catharine MacKinnon on writing the text of Violence Against Women Act.)

Here are the two local MacDworkinists with grand career aspirations, judges Linda Christopher (in red) and Catherine Miklitsch (in blue) being celebrated and honored for the crimes against humanity they commit daily...

Self-serving self-interest

The Feminist Eugenics, the Women Volksgemeinschaf, the new “Genetically Superior Race.”feminist Germain Greer 68 posing naked

Yet another contemporary ideologue, glorified by the "women of the bar" and a staple in law school women's studies is Germaine Greer, the darling of the mass-media . Just like her Nazi predecessors in the “science” of eugenics proclaimed biological inferiority of Jews, Blacks, Gypsies and Slavs, the “feminist icon,” “Goddess” and crowd-gathering spokeswoman, the revered pedophile Germaine Greer, in a lengthy November 2002 column in the prestigious Britain’s Guardian goes off into a creepy eugenics diatribe as to why women are genetically superior to men in every respect and why men are, and always have been, “redundant.” “What can be the root cause of all this male dysfunction? Feminism, that's what. When feminism came along and drew women out from under men, men found themselves in freefall… Women made men redundant; redundant tissue inevitably turns malignant.”  [and must be surgically removed, as a natural sequel to her unfinished thought.]

She elaborated, “I describe them [men] as "freaks of nature, fragile, fantastic, bizarre", as idiots savants, "full of queer obsessions about fetishistic activities and arbitrary goals, doomed to competition and injustice not merely towards females, but towards children, animals and other men.”


Feminazis: our shit is chocolateGreer makes a staple feminist nod to “science.” After all, the public policy and the whole body of "feminist thought" is strictly “scientific,” or so these dimwits, these morons, the self-appointed ‘progressive’ “intellectuals” would like us to believe – the hiccup from the “Scientific Communism” pushed down the throats of citizens in the long defunct Soviet Union, which overall – was more respectful of the basic human rights than today's USA.

The end game for the Soviets and Eastern European regimes was a classical revolutionary situation, when the Soviet masses refused to be governed the old way, and the government – could not govern. It was relatively bloodless this time, except for the execution of the "People's Champion," Nikolae Chaushesku in Romania, and a few hundred dead in Yeltsin's attack on the parliament. But back to the US feminist hate-mongering political machine: The  “research” by a genetic “scientist” to which Greer alludes, attempts to “prove” the inferiority and redundancy of the males at the very basic level, the X-Y chromosomes.  So, if feminist justice strips men off all constitutional rights, their children and their worldly possessions, if in the context of alimony and child support the feminist judges impute totally unrealistic incomes, which these men would never be able to earn, then throw them in jail or forever turn them into slaves confined to a life of misery and work round the clock – they are genetically inferior deadbeats, anyway, and being slaves and fodder to the feminists industries – divorce, and domestic violence – is their natural destiny. "Arbeit Macht Frei !" And so, the US Army soldier who'd been taken prisoner by Iraqis for half-a-year, is liberated by the U.S. Army and... arrested for non-payment of child support, the moment he set foot on the U.S. soil.

The Fourth Reich Another Girls Only meetup

There are but a few differences in the feminists’ ideology of today and that of the Nazi Third Reich.  Greer’s rhetoric is not new. Ernst Rüdin began incorporating eugenic rhetoric into the racial policies of Nazi Germany in 1930’ and aligned it with the demonstrably genocidal “master race” ideologies of the Nazism.

The inside-out ugly 68-year-old “feminist icon” Germaine Greer wants to revive the ideological sludge-fund within which feminist “thought” has been mired, so she dredges up “scientific research” of male “chromosomal inferiority,” yet she coyly admits that she recently “fell in love” with a man, actually a very young man, actually “a boy” she says, so there’s something that men, specifically the young boys, may be good for, after all.    So, what is it, Ms. Greer? – It is their sperm that runs like tap water, that attracts this disgusting witch. (By the way, the latter expression of moral outrage is a "violence against women" in many U.S. jurisdictions.) Just like Dworkin, this female pedophile makes a few bucks on the side of this public affair, publishing a book, The Beautiful Boys – a sad commentary on the feminists’ sexist-pig mentality, absence of logic and repetitive, nauseating triviality of their  pseudo-intellectualizations. Is it a sursprise then, that there is in this country a silent epidemic of female predators molesting boys?

As another “icon,” Valerie Solanas, the authoress of the S.C.U.M. Manifesto put it, “To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo.”– A snappy phrase, a good advertisement for the many brands of said equipment, but what an effrontery, what an insult to Dworkin’s  prohibitions on vaginal intercourse, the ultimate “act of violence against women”!

All this "crazy-making" is not an "innocent eccentricity" that these deranged dames of privilege and means display at their get-togethers. The tragedy is that they are effective builders of women's solidarity and emotional bonding to avenge the "victimized" female genitalia, or whatever other crazy-making the agitators may arouse. Their demagoguery is focused on gaining more power and control through propaganda and voter acquisition. They study and learn from Adolf Hitler and his propaganda machine. They far surpassed the Third Reich. They are far from being "victims." These women are multi-millionaire power-brokers, seeking to let more blood out of the families, and to re-distribute into their pockets the wealth the families made over generations of hard work in America's corporate sweat shops. These women seek money and power for themselves and their associated "intellectual" elites.

Today's elites are not necessarily leaders of the government, industry or commerce. The MacDworkinites focus their effort on three areas of society: the special interest groups, the media and the bureaucracy. They organize political campaigns by the special interest groups, who "propose"; they have the media endorse, and the bureaucracy enact their ideology. The politicians and the leaders of business, cowed by the media, acquiesce and go along.

Stalin and his henchmen were hardly different from powerful bureaucrats anywhere else. Just like Stalinist Bureaucrats and Hitler's judges, feminist bureaucrats are free of all moral restraints and seek absolute power through terror and intimidation. Their role is that of dutiful functionaries, such as Linda "The Child Abuser" Christopher. The members of Stalin's court not only enthusiastically fulfilled execution quotas, but insisted on overfulfilling them in order to keep the country in terror. Equally, Linda Chrsitopher, though lacking power to execute on the spot, uses her power to make the lives of the men appearing before her in her court miserable by any means possible, including but not limited to inordinate "delays," never-ending "mistakes" and effective denial to men any access to justice, leading to their financial, emotional and physical demise. She would retort any criticism to her actions with accusing the critique of being "emotionally disturbed," or engaged in a "hate speech" (she is a woman, you see.)

new scapegoatsThe New Jew – all men are created equal

These puppet judges are lethal. Hon. Linda "the Child Abuser" Christopher begins and ends a hearing with, "what would you like the court to do for you, mam?" And so, if you think your evidence, testimony or tens of thousands of dollars wasted on attorneys amounts to anything at all in a feminazi court, think again.

It is a rather "male" quality to assume that you are somehow better, smarter, will make a better impression on the judge (yeh, like its a beauty contest, my friend.) Maybe you are an accomplished public servant, a pillar of the community, charitable and generous, in "a better position," or have a better attorney, and are a father with a "rock solid" reputation and are a stellar parent. – It means diddly squat in a feminazi court. Zilch. You are brought before a Gestapo judge, Linda "the Feminazi" Christopher. You are a Jew. You will be exterminated. (See Angry Harry on Hate Speech.)  

Your support helps us to continue speaking the truth

The only recourse We The People have is to throw these Nazi witches out to where they belong – the political graveyard.

Said Dworkin, the equal opportunity man-hater:

Andrea Dworkin at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Photo: Murdo Macleod“you fucked me to ground meat…lover, husband, boychick, brother, friend, political radical, boy comrade; I can't fucking tell you all apart…” “Men are rapists, batterers, plunderers, killers; these same men are religious prophets, poets, heroes, figures of romance, adventure, accomplishment, figures ennobled by tragedy and defeat… Men have claimed the earth, called it “Her”. Men ruin Her”… “On the Left, on the Right, in the Middle; Authors, statesmen, thieves; so-called humanists and self-declared fascists; the adventurous and the contemplative, in every realm of male expression and action, violence is experienced and articulated as love and freedom.”…

It is rather unlikely that even if under the influence of a few kegs of beer, anyone would be so blinded as to become inclined to be intimate with this loathsome excuse for a human being, whose ugly, hateful inner-self comes out in her untidy personal appearance of a homicidal freak, overwhelmed with self-induced state of perpetual hatred, overweight by some 300 pounds, which would make an intercourse impossible, anyway. Her sexualized outbursts appear to be wishful thinking. Except for Joe Biden, the necrophiliac, still enjoying a treesom, firmly in bed with the long dead Andrea Dworkin, survived by the most widely quoted lawyer in America, the original MacDworkinite, Catharine A. MacKinnon.

Fuhrer ChristopherNothing works in the feminazi family courts. Do not look for rhyme or reason. Logic and truth are not part of the feminist jurisprudence. You are a man. Your goose is cooked. The judge's mind is made up before you show up in court; it was shaped by the ideology of Andrea Dworkin, whom judge Christopher owes her very livelihood, plus generous benefits paid through the State tax collections. Had it not been for VAWA, this fake blondie -- with her very limited mental capacity -- would still be screwing over children and men in her law practice out of Nyack.

Their rhetoric: Not even Hitler in any of his speeches, let alone his writing, was as hateful, militant, genocidal and homicidal as this Mother of the "Violence Against Women Act." Truly, Amerika of today is the incarnation of George Orwell's 1984 and The Animal Farm.

Anywhere else in the world, Dworkin's provocative writing of a delusional “victim” would have landed her where she truly belonged – in a psychiatric ward – but not in the good old USA, the vanguard of turning "new ideas" into a money-making juggernaut for special interests. Opportunists like former Sen. Joseph Biden turned her loony tunes into a fascist legislation, bringing him political capital from women's organizations, such as NOW, taken over by openly lesbian militants. It was a purely American cultural phenomenon of “angry feminism,” bolstered by the feminist-controlled, mind-programming media and “progressive” leftist academia, hell-bent on teaching MacDworkinist and Queer theories of their brand of "social justice" over "the dead white males” – The Founding Fathers, Socrates and Pluto, Newton and Einstein.

Even Economics and Finance were turned into purely political discourse, due to vociferous pressure and objections to its mathematical content being in the minds of campuses' feminists the "white males secret code." We all know where this landed the world in 2009.

Characterizing Dworkin's loony, off-the-scale hate mongering, the syndicated columnist Cathy Young said: It's sadly obvious that this supposedly bold and visionary prophet was, in actuality, insane. I disagree: With an adroitness and skill of a shrewd political marketer, Andrea Dworkin used America’s cultural and political vulnerabilities as building blocks to craft her brain-child, the fascist dictatorship of “the oppressed class" – women, the dictatorship legislated and adopted by the US Congress as VAWA and administered with an iron fist of a police state, backed by multi-billion dollar budgets and incentives from the federal tax revenues. She was much more cunning than she was insane. Dozens of years of mandatory women's studies in colleges finally paid-off, in a major way.

Mind-programming by the media

Upon her death in summer 2005, the "loony feminist  extraordinaire" (as Cathy Young called her,) Andrea Dworkin was given a lot of posthumous adulation by the mass-media: New York Times gave the law professor Catharine MacKinnon a soap-box to celebrate Dworkin as "a Nobel Prize-caliber genius," no less, presumably misunderstood by the world and maligned by "minions of the status quo." Interestingly, it was the president of the American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] Nadine Strossen, hardly a "minion of status quo" who coined the term "MacDworkin" to describe the Dworkin-MacKinnon homocidal duo and their followers.) But people like Cathy Young and Christina Hoff Sommers are renegades, the dissidents of the feminist movement who routinely receive death threats from their former cohorts.

Daphne Patai' in her 1998 book Heterophobia, Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism, observed:

"Cultivating hatred for another human group ought to be no more acceptable when it issues from the mouths of women than when it comes from men, no more tolerable from feminists than from the Ku Klux Klan."

Yet, for Sen. Biden (currently US VP) it was a chance to win political pork capital, just as for now late Sen. Byrd (dem.) of West Virginia, formerly an avid Klansman, was recruitment of new Ku Klux Klan members and filibustering the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Camille Anna Paglia, a feminist intellectual and college professor who enjoys taking an occasional stab at the far-out militant-wing doctrinaire stance on sex and education, argues for feminism from a position, which embraces homosexuality, fetishism, prostitution, as well as… classical education combined with modernistic queer and other such studies. Over to Camille Paglia’s characterization of Dworkin's "credentials:"

Dworkin…has turned a garish history of mental instability into feminist grand opera. She publicly boasts of her bizarre multiple rapes, assaults, beatings [which happenned only in her disturbed mind,] breakdowns and tacky trauma, as if her inability to cope with life were the patriarchy's fault rather than her own. Dworkin's shrill, kvetching, solipsistic prose has a sloppy, squalling infantilism.

The role of the media in making a ubiquitous use of the code words "violence against women" cannot be underestimated. Thus, you hear on TV that the sexual revolution was "violence against women," never mind that women started it. Women in the harms way as US army soldiers in Iraq is "state-sanctioned violence against women," no less -- never mind that women's lib fought for the right to be cadets in elite military institutions. To quote Kathy Yang, "The MacDworkinite focus on violent male abuse of women completely obscured the fact that at least in Western history, patriarchy far more commonly took the form of paternalism and special protections for women." 

Just like the majority of Muslims have not denounced terrorism, the majority of feminists continue to reveer Dworkin, making her writings obligatory spiritual repast in the women-studies. Says Cathy Young,

"Critics of radical feminism have been often accused of exaggerating the importance of a handful of male-haters in the movement. Yet Dworkin was never relegated to the lunatic fringe where she belonged: Her texts have been widely assigned in women's studies courses, and prominent feminists from activist Gloria Steinem to philosopher Martha Nussbaum have offered their praise, treating her hate mongering as extremism in defense of the oppressed. (I prefer the view that hate is hate.)

Even ''pro-sex" feminist Susie Bright, a frequent target of Dworkin's, now gushes that she ''loved it" that Dworkin dared to ''attack the very notion of intercourse" and name men as the problem. If this is feminism, no wonder it's become an f-word."

But Dworkin is so glorified and reveered perhaps, because she devised the mechanism to use men to "destroy the male sex," as declared by another icon, Valerie Solanas, the founder of "The Society For Cutting Up Men:"

“Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex.”

“Domestic violence” – the grand hoax

The "violence against women," repugnant when it's real, is the "feminist grand Opera" and the fat lady – Andrea Dworking – has sung in the grand finale culminated by adoption of VAWA. Being a " true believer," as her actions clearly demonstrate, MacDworkinist Judge Linda Christopher is eager to sing a part in the grand Opera herself: Says her self-written, self-promoting bio on four FaceBook sites run to promote her candidacy:

"Her [Linda Christopher's] dedication and advocacy for legal education has lead Judge Christopher to lecture extensively at various bar associations, civic organizations and at judicial trainings, on topics including ... sexual harassment, domestic violence, and family offense proceedings," -- the code language of being "a good feminazi girl" seeking the votFBI Statistics of Murder, by Age and Sexers approval for being in the "vanguard" of MacDworkinist movement, defending the motherhood and apple pie.

Violence is certainly worthy of honest exploration and prevention, when based on fact, rather than emotional, partisan, and undeniably deranged indoctrination. In reality, Judge Christopher is a devout MacDworkinist, ready and willing to "beat men into a bloody pulp," for no other reason but being men. Never mind that despite MacDworkinites false claims and staged "scientific studies," the true numbers of domestic violence victimization of women are way below even the most conservative estimates. In fact, they are so small you won't see them on the graphs, when compared to other causes of death.

MacDworkinists claim otherwise, based on their own "scientific studies" always derived by distributing questionnaires through the rank and file of the very functionaries who make a darn good living off the MacDworkinist legislation and government programs. Not to mention that victimization of men, and death among men due to various causes in our society is orders of magnitude greater than in women. But MacDworkinists aren't interested in "society," and not at all concerned with men. The wholly cow of their "jurisprudence" is the woman. They use "the cunts" (women sufficiently indoctrinated in men-hatred) as their constituents and support base, those who are already insane enough – through years of indoctrination by the most virulent of the women's studies programs – to wish to partake in real, physical mass-castrations of men and boys, government ordered and celebrated as a national holiday. )

Between their indoctrination and unmitigated power, the so "educated" judges, such as Linda Christopher, destroy, defraud, humiliate, intimidate and criminalize men. They break into every aspect of your personal life. They tell your son he is to pee like a girl, sitting. They declare that taking your son to Church is a crime, and punish you for it; they tell you how, when and where to have sex and not to have sex (if you'd ever want to have sex after being railroaded in their castrating courts,) they tell you which movies to watch, what games to play with your children. A pompous feminazi moron of a judge, a tyrant, becomes (at least in her mind) a better parent than a loving father. Christopher spun out of control "the Atonment," an award-winning British film about false allegations, into pornography, "a movie about sex," never mind that the child saw none of it. These judges are surrounded by crowds of rapt sycophants seeking to get more business from them, urging these power-grabbers to invade all aspects of your personal life. Welcome to the Fourth Reich, the new and improved Nazi Third Reich, far more sophisticated in the use of its massive propaganda machine, which turns citizens into obedient Zombies.

Castrate all MalesBeing glorified and reassured of her genius by the self-congratulating crowds of rapt feminist sycophants, Dworkin – the momma of VAWA – seeks a status of a cultural icon writing the blueprint of transforming human sexuality, no less: "For men I suspect that this transformation begins in the place they most dread – that is, in a limp penis. I think that men will have to give up their precious erections and begin to make love as women do together.” – Ever wondered why the epithet “castrating” is appropriately attached to MacDworkinist femmes?

Cut off their penisesThe virulent cancer of MacDworkinist indoctrination has thrown America into a moral stone age, according to Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers. Lorena Bobbit, who cut-off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife, while he was peacefully asleep, was and continue to be celebrated by feminazis of all hues as an inspiring heroine. Never mind that Lorena stole thousands from her former employer, and beat the living devils out of her elderly mother. Kali-Bobbitt, a piece of "art" by Mary Beth Edelson, proudly holds up the cut-off penis in one of the hands of this goddess of hatred. The cut-off penis is the Patriarchy. This feminist art is exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum in New York symbolizes the dawn of the new era. The traditional art of the oppressive Patriarchy" fixated on beauty of God's creation is a tool of oppression that must be destroyed. The "liberated" MacDworkinite "new art" glorifies feminazis true agenda: acts of unspeakable violence against men are "just and appropriate." Notice the four arms of Kali, clearly forming a swastika, the symbol of feminazi unity.

After the feminists-lead "cultural revolution", sexual mutilation of men is apparently so funny, that the panel of female hostesses on the CBS' "the talk" show is laughing their asses off. The thousands of the "new media" blogs expressing their disgust with the "hostesses" and the avalanche of protests against the show wasn't so funny for the CBS management, however.


The New Jew

In a fascist state there must be a large group of population blamed for the societal ills. In Nazi Germany the Jews became the scapegoat. They were to be exterminated, slowly, along with Poles and Gypsies. It was The Law. There were judges, "fine jurists" to uphold the law. The approved method of killing ordered by Hitler, acting on the advice of Dr. Heyde, was the use of carbon monoxide at first.

Much of the murder, however, was accomplished by starvation, a fact concealed or unnoticed by historians until recently. It is the most effective way to annihilate large populations with no political fanfare, no blood, and no media attention, just as the Family Courts starve to death and dispense with by suicide between 20 to 35 thousand men a year in the good ole' USA.

In Nazi death camps, a fake shower room, complete with benches – all looking very humane – was constructed and used to gas the victims. It was a bit messier on the occupied territories.

mass execution of jews

A mass execution of Jews in Nazi occupied Soviet Union. Naked Jews, including a young boy,  just before their murder.  [from The Pictorial History of the Holocaust, ed. Yitzhak Arad. New York: Macmillan, NY, 1990.]


A Nazi about to shoot the last Jew left alive in Vinica, Ukraine.
[Photo Credit: Library of Congress]

Dachau survivor on the day of liberation.

[Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives, Francis Robert Arzt Collection]

The Mother is this case, whom Linda Christopher made a "custodial Mother" in a matter of a few minutes' of self-admitted "sham trial," indoctrinates the child, "Too fucking bad Hitler did not exterminate all Jews." Her lengthy, vulgar anti-semitic speeches in presence of the child, of which Judge Christopher was quite well-aware, will be posted here, both translated, and as the original audio.The feminazi court of Christopher rejected admitting them into evidence. Too inconvenient.

The bureaucratic mystification

Great pains were taken by both Nazis in Germany and Stalin's NKVD (secret police) in the Soviet Union to employ the so called “bureaucratic mystification” – a snarl of red tape and bureaucracy so convoluted that the victims, their families, judges and executioners, all those "little parts of the system" did not know what was going on and did not realize the full extent of the program. Similarly, the convoluted family law and deliberately secretive U.S. Family Courts with their unaccountable grim statistics of these modern day "gas chambers" for men and children keep the magnitude of injustice committed in secret. The ritual courtroom farce conducted by the likes of "justices" Catherine Miklitsch and Linda Christopher, are kept in secrecy, with victims silenced by draconian retaliatory orders and institutionalized hatred of men. The "mystification", as pointed out by Justice JOHN F. MOLLOY, is used by the collusion of Judges and lawyers to rip-off families. (See his article here.)

a pig out


The Feminist Dream Come True – The Incarceration Nation

violent and propert crime down, incarceration up exponentiallyIn today’s U.S., the white male is a new Jew, exterminated slowly through the governmental policies, expedited and aggravated by the fraud in the court by the likes of Catherine Miklitsch and Linda “The Child Abuser” Christopher, who are the judiciary arm of this ideology. They were planted in their judge's seats by the ideological-political, corrupt money-making MacDworkinite machine of men-hatred. Based on the great pretense of the concern for privacy, most of the the relevant statistics are kept secret. Yet, it does not take a Ph.D. in Info Sciences to figure out the magnitude of the social injustice created: While the violent and property crime in the U.S. is and has been for years flat or down, the numbers of incarcerated has grown exponentially, placing the U.S. in the 1st place in the world in absolute and per capita numbers, thanks to the feminazi judges like them who falsely impute income to criminalize, marginalize and slowly kill males.

More than 753 of every 100,000 people in the U.S. were in prison or jail in 2008, the last year for which data is available. This rate is more than three times higher than the country with the next-highest incarceration rate, Poland, with a rate of 224, and about 17 times higher than the rate in Iceland (44). US has 2.5 million in jails and prisons (over 7.5 million, including those on probation or parole,) While Red China has 1.5 million prisoners (which is even more staggering, given the fact that China's population of 1.4 billion people is nearly 5 times larger than that of the US). Russia is in the third place of absolute numbers with 870,000 of imprisoned population, about 1/4 of the men incarcerated by the U.S. Yet, the US has the gaul, the odacity, the arrogance to lecture other countries on "human rights."

According to Steven Baskerville, professor of sociology, this is a Feminist Gulag (a must read for anyone concerned with justice.)

America has 2.3 million people in prison — more than any other country. More than one in 100 adults are in jail. No society in history has imprisoned more of its citizens. Minorities have been particularly affected: 1 in 9 black men aged between 20 and 34 is behind bars. There are more 17-year-old black American males in jail than in college. America has five percent of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prisoners. Prison labor is now a huge industry, producing an enormous range of goods, not least for the US military. It is in effect a revival of the slave trade. Britain can’t compete but is no slouch either, locking up more of its population — 148 per 100,000 — than any other European country, and more than China, India or Turkey. 

Most of this information comes from the Report by the Pew Center on the States, based on analysis of the government statistical data. The report said the 50 states spent more than $49 billion on corrections in 2008, up from less than $11 billion 20 years earlier. The report compiled and analyzed data from several sources, including the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics and Bureau of Prisons and each state's department of corrections. It did not include individuals detained for noncriminal immigration violations.

Over the past two decades, state spending on corrections (adjusted for inflation) increased 127 percent; spending on higher education rose 21 percent.

Five states — Vermont, Michigan, Oregon, Connecticut and Delaware — now spend as much Land of the Free jails one in every 99 Americansas or more on corrections as on higher education. Locally, Maryland is near the top, spending 74 cents on corrections for every dollar it spends on higher education. Virginia spends 60 cents on the dollar.

For more easy-reading information on the subject, see articles in the Washington Post, Huffington Post and other sources.

Jews Scrub Street in Nazi Germany

On the photo above, Jews are forced to scrub the streets in Nazi Germany while a crowd of nazis jeer. In Rockland county, New York, men from the county jail scrub the highways and streets clean off leaves and debris. Their crime? – Becoming unemployed and unable to pay the "child support" they could hardly pay while they were still employed. Feminazis are equal opportunity murderers: the entire "patriarchy" is to be castrated and "humanely" euphemised by reducing their incomes to such levels where they cannot sustain their lives. Then, impute more income to them based on moneys donated by their friends and family. If you think the preceding statement was far fetched, think again: there are dozens of such reports to this site in less than a year of operation.

Make no mistake about it, sooner or later you will be unfortunate enough to get into their spider web. The Feminazis will come to your home, they will throw you out on false accusations, they will take away your children, and they will turn you into a slave. They will turn into slaves the White, the Black, the Latino, the Asian or any men. Defending themselves in the legal system stacked-up against them, these men will be stripped off their material possessions by lawyers and will be sold into slavery working several jobs to meet their “child support obligations.”

Men confronted with losing their children on patently fabricated allegations, followed by their financial demise in the face of the fraudulent income imputation – will spend their life-savings to the last penny, seeking "justice" which has long died in the halls of the Family Court. Lawyers will recycle some of the money looted from the aggrieved into supporting and re-electing the same judges who gave them business in the first place, so this self-sustaining eco-system of the bottom-feaders would continue fattaning, demanding more families as cannon-fodder for the growing fortunes of "the legal community."

It ain't Fascism when we do it

fuhrer Miklitsch










Obersturmführer Catherine Miklitsch

The Fraud of the Millennia, VAWA

The ultimate expression and culmination of Andrea Dworkin's hatred towards men was her brain-child, The Violence Against Women Act or VAWA, the draconian fascist legislation for which she laid the cultural and legal foundations in co-authorship with Catharine A. MacKinnon, a Yale-educated lawyer and law professor whose reputation for being a humorless control freak rivals even that of Dworkin. Said MacKinnon:

“All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.” 

Feminazis Heil Christopher Bold Eagle Replaced by Third Reich Eagle

And so, there must be a Congressional Act, carving this axiom of feminist wisdom in stone, and supporting it with the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government, its police, sheriffs, courts, jails – its entire punitive apparatus of a police state, which breaks all world records in absolute and per capita numbers of incarcerated. And so, dear reader, welcome to the fabulous fraud of VAWA! Joe "The Plagiarist" Biden made a career on it and claims this fascist legislation as his greatest achievement. – No, this is not a misrepresentation of a casual critic. The state of affairs with civil rights in today's America is far worse than in the Soviet Union circa 1970.

Nina Hartley said the following in an interview by Bust Guide to the New Girl Order (1999) when asked about MacKinnon:

"Don’t even get me started on MacKinnon... Now I’d just look at her and shake my head and go, “tsk tsk tsk,” and say, “You know what, I’m really sorry you are that bitter and angry,” cuz that’s what it is. It’s her fuel. It’s what drives her. It’s not that she is not smart, but I do believe she is deluded, and I do believe anger and fear and jealousy and resentment and frustration and out-and-out prudery are what drive her, are her motivating forces... MacKinnon really does feel like she is helping women, while at the same time, she and Dworkin and their ilk silence women. They won’t listen to our stories, our truths."

Gross violations of the most sacred human rights:

Here's an excerpt from Steven Baskerville, Ph.D. on how deeply corrupt is the eco-system of the divorce industry:

The divorce regime is the most totalitarian institution ever to arise in the United States. Its operatives in the family courts and the social service agencies recognize no private sphere of life. "The power of family court judges is almost unlimited," according to Judge Robert Page of the New Jersey family court... "The divorce regime is responsible for much more than "ugly divorces," "nasty custody battles," and other clichés. It is the most serious perpetrator of human and constitutional rights violations in America today. Because it strikes the most basic institution of any civilization – the family – the divorce regime is a threat not only to social order but to civil freedom. It is also almost completely unopposed. No political party and no politicians question it. No journalists investigate it in any depth. A few attorneys have spoken out, but they are eventually suspended or disbarred. Some academics have written about it, but they soon stop. No human rights or civil liberties groups challenge it, and some positively support it. Very few "pro-family" lobbies question it. This is because the divorce regime operates through money, political power, and fear.

American fathers have no rights

The divorce regime is much more serious than simply "unfairness" or "gender bias" against fathers in custody proceedings. It is the government’s machine for destroying the principal check on its power – the family – and criminalizing its main rival: fathers. The most basic human and constitutional rights are routinely violated in America’s family courts. The lives of children and parents are in serious danger once they are, as the phrase goes, taken into "custody." Systemic conflicts-of-interest among government and private officials charged with child custody, child support, child protection, and connected matters have created a witch hunt against plainly innocent citizens.

The terror of the divorce regime is not a future possibility; it is a present reality. The following methods are currently employed by family courts and other government agents. These practices are now widespread in America:

  • mass incarcerations without trial or charge
  • forced confessions
  • children forcibly separated from parents who are under no suspicion of legal wrongdoing and parents stripped of the care, custody, and companionship of their children without explanation
  • government agents entering the homes, demanding and examining private papers and personal effects, and seizing the property of citizens who are under no suspicion of legal wrongdoing
  • official court records, including hearing tapes and transcripts, doctored and falsified with the knowledge of court officials and evidence fabricated against the innocent
  • defendants denied the constitutional right to face their accusers
  • bureaucratic police authorized to issue subpoenas and arrest warrants against parents, with no hearing and contrary to due process of law
  • special courts created specifically to process parents for political offenses
  • forced labor facilities created specifically for parents
  • children instructed to hate their parents with the backing of government officials
  • children forced by government officials to act as informers against their parents
  • children abused and killed with the backing of government officials
  • knowingly false allegations, for which no evidence is presented, accepted as fact without proof, overturning the presumption of innocence, and not punished when demonstrated to be untrue
  • parents ordered by government officials to separate from their spouses, on pain of losing their children
  • parents forced to pay the private fees of court officials they have not hired and whose services they have not sought or used, on pain of incarceration
  • parents suspected of no legal wrongdoing punitively stripped of their property and income, sometimes at gunpoint, and reduced to penury
  • government officials using the mass media to vilify private American citizens, and political leaders using their offices as platforms to verbally attack private American citizens, who have no right of reply or opportunity to defend themselves
  • parents jailed without trial reportedly beaten, in at least one case fatally, and denied medical attention while in police custody.

I have made these charges in some of the most reputable publications in the English language. They have never been refuted. Yet neither have they been corrected or even addressed by public officials, the media, or academics."

A deranged man-hater – the most-widely cited lawyer in the US

One of the founding mothers of this regime, Catharin A. MacKinnon is the most-widely cited lawyer in the US, thanks to the sycophantic feminists born into the lives of leisure and privilege, like MacKinnon was, seeking to perpetuate their elitist lifestyles. She makes many a lengthy argument that in a male-dominated society, women do not know their “true” sexuality and unwittingly assume that, which is “hoisted” upon them by men. For some, such as MacKinnon, lesbian fisting or power-dildoing, blowing the fuses in the house, is the only acceptable form of sexual intercourse.

In their hatred of men, in their malignant penis envy taken to the unbelievable "intellectual" heights of unprecedented mental pathology, they attempt to speak on behalf of all women, who " cannot make an informed decision" when they “consent” to sex, thus any sexual intercourse is rape, even if both (heterosexual) parties think they “consented” to it, and the woman initiated it. That’s the crux of the argument by the frigid professor of lesbo-sciences, considered a hopeless, deranged prude even by the majority of the "sisterhood." Instead of being treated by sexopathologists and psychiatrists, they strive to re-educate the rest of the world, but above all — men. As a deafening chorus of rabid feminists screams, “all men are rapists,” and as the craziest among them shriek, “men are rapists of their children,” the screamers in the rank and file make fat salaries on this racket, which men unwittingly shrug-off as inevitable crazy-making, though "innocent" it is not.

(In case you are not too experienced with the subject, most women quite enjoy heterosexual love-making, no less than their male partners, and are capable of and continue to enjoy heterosexual sex with orgasmic heights and frequency that many males would envy, all – in an impudent, disloyal desecration of the postulates of the MacDworkinists' ideological and legal framework. As Henry Kissinger noted, in gender wars, there's a lot of fraternizing with the enemy. However, once in Family Court, the honeymoon is over, the men and their sons are nailed to the cross by the men-haters, mercilessly. They are scorned, tortured and ridiculed by the hateful feminazi minions like Linda Christopher, with the nazi on-lookers jeering.

A friend of the author's, a Ph.D. in feminist studies, confided in him that she hates the feminist academic framework and the pseudoscientific crap it manufacturers, but was called on the carpet a few times and told that "singing the party line" was the only way for her to continue to receive a six figure salary and federal grants. And... she has a mortgage to pay and a lifestyle to maintain. This is America. Apparently, many of the functionaries in the "family shelters" make way above $100,000 a year while just a small percentage of their clients ever experienced any violence against them.

"Victims" or "Violence-prone women?"

According to Erin Pizzey, the founder of the first women shelters in England, many of these women are physically abusive. They would accuse Lewis Caroll, if he lived today, and he would be writing a different kind of "Alice in Wonderlad," having been "put through the system" of the Rockland County Family Court. The organisation Refuge was founded by Pizzey but her name is nowhere to be found on their website, even in the history section. In her book Prone to Violence Pizzey describes women who repeatedly engage in violent attacks on their intimate partners, an addictive behavior. In her study "Comparative Study Of Battered Women And Violence-Prone Women," (co-researched with Dr. John Gayford of Warlingham Hospital), Pizzey distinguishes between "genuine battered women" and "violence-prone women;" the latter defined as "the unwilling victim of his or her own violence." This study reported that 62% of the women in the sample population were "violence prone." Similar findings regarding the mutuality of most domestic violence have been confirmed in hundreds of subsequent studies. [ See, e.g. Fiebert, Martin S. References Examining Assaults by Women on Their Spouses or Male Partners: An Annotated Bibliography. First published in Sexuality and Culture, 1997, 1, 273-286; updated May 2009; Malcolm J. George of the Department of Physiology, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, United Kingdom.Riding the Donkey Backwards: Men as the Unacceptable Victims of Marital Violence.] Recently, Erin Pizzey gave the following summation in a speech before the Oxford Union (Oxford University debabting society):

"The feminist movement’s agenda was to declare all men as potential rapists and batterers. Under cover of the shelter movement which gave them funding and accommodation to wage their gender war against men, they began to disseminate misleading information. Legislation against fathers was put into place and family courts became hostile to men."

The feminists' plot to exploit the culture of chivalry to establish a public perception of the inherent "goodness" and victimhood of the female of the species has nothing to do with reality, as numerous cases of female teachers sexually assaulting students, and women mounting false allegations of abuse to reap instant and numerous benefits in the family courts, sweep the US.

Your support helps us to continue speaking the truth


Feminism is Not pro-Equality. It Is About Domination, Hatred, Deceit, Privilege, Money and Preferential Treatment.

The dictionary definition of “feminism” is a “belief in equal rights for women” and in this sense all of us, living in the shadow of the greatness of The Bill of Rights, are rightfully “feminists.” That's what most men think, and that's how today's feminazis outmsart them -- they use men's natural egalitarianism to subvert the rule of law and equal treatment for all. Assuming that feminism is about "equality" is a major mistake, from which the problems stem. We, men, project our natural egalitarianism on the feminist movement, having no time to keep tabs on what's going on, being too busy making a living in America's corporate sweat-shops. Meanwhile feminism has been converted to a virulent form of men-hating and political domination through usurpation of power by the men-hating gender-feminists, those  “who stole feminism” – as Christina Hoff Sommers called them – well-organized in stealing votes and fooling the masses.

Intimidation, Retaliation and Death Threats

They adopted the political methodology of the Bolsheviks (who stole the 1917 democratic revolution in Russia and kept a choke-hold on the country through mass-terror) and the Nazis (who stole the democratic power in Germany in 1933 and employed mass-propagnda, surpassed in its effectiveness only by that in the United States.) All it takes is unquestionable loyalty, military discipline and cruelty towards the enemies and "traitors" to their cause. Thus, Christina Hoff Sommers was inundated with death threats, as was Erin Pizzey, the founder of the first women's shelter, who observed that women coming to shelters were just as violent as men, being a dangerous aggressor themselves. It was after death threats against her, her children, her grandchildren, and the killing of her dog, that Erin Pizzey had to leave England for North America.

The feminists have succeeded in brow-beating today's America into the moral stone age, according to Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers, formerly N.O.W. researcher.

The defining premise of the contemporary feminist theory is that we live in “a male-dominated culture,” an assumption false on its face but that's a different subject in its own right. So, the feminist agenda as well as the goal of the feminist jurisprudence is not equal treatment of all “persons” but redistribution of power and assets from the “oppressor class” (men) to the self-avowed “oppressed class” (women) and stripping men of their rights, so as to “equalize” the “power disparity” they claim exist. Even “equity feminism” which seeks to be distinguished as egalitarian is an irreconcilable oxymoron: it is impossible to be egalitarian or profess fighting for equality when presenting a view of the world solely from the “women’s unique perspective,” while the great majority of women find so presented “perspective” grotesquely misrepresenting their aspirations and wishes.

Women only womenFeminist jurisprudence has destroyed the principles of equality in the Bill of Rights and the due process of law in the 14th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution. With many generations of lawyers coming off the conveyor lines of law schools, feminist jurisprudence is no longer a novel theoretical concept taught in Yale circa 1970’s; it took a firm hold in the English-speaking countries and has become the predominant legal practice in which judicial notions of impartiality, individual rights, equal treatment for all, and objective standards of proof were tossed out the window by design, in favor of group rights and special interests of the self-avowed underdogs. The Linda Christophers of the world are planted into the judges' seat on purpose. They are on an ideological mission. The destruction they cause is material, enduring for generations, ever-lasting.

The Cunt

Feminist Jurisprudence: Women Above the Law.

The basic feminist premise is that jurisprudence must be asymmetrical, adopting the perspective of the “less powerful group” with the specific goal of sharing the power in the society “equitably” between various groups. Despite 64% of college graduates in the US being women, and having amassed most of the material wealth in this country, it is profitable for some women to continue to act "an underdog." As the fabulous fraud of social justice was rigorously implemented throughout the “justice” system… we said goodbye to equal justice a long time ago. Hence, the whole body of knowledge was developed in the fine art of spreading misandry and propaganda of “victimization of women.” 

The deafening propaganda machine portrays the female of the species as inherently truthful and nurturing, while the male – a confrontation seeking, war – waging bastard. Never mind that there's abundant research that most women routinely lie even in the simplest of daily occurrences, and will not hesitate to take advantage of false accusations to get revenge on the ex spouse for whatever real and imagined transgressions the angry female ascribes to him.

Never mind numerous studies of wide populations that show women initiating (physically attacking their husbands) in way over 50% of cases, often with household implements or weapons. The societal pressure on men is to keep a stiff upper lip, never complain, feel ashamed if victimized by a female partner or wife, and sweep abuse of men under the rug. This mindset would not let men ‘compete’ with women for the status of societal  “victims,” men are conditioned to be responsible, so they automatically lose. And that’s the crux of the issue. Henceforth, the devilish design of the victimologysts — the “violence against women” laws.

Monolithic Collective Shrew

Gladden Schrock, in The Tyranny of the Underdog, gave this characterization of the contemporary gender-feminism:

Swastica Female Violence against Men and Children“The prejudicial, man-hating cant of militant 'gender' (victimal) Feminists has foolishly served only to reinforce a counter-sexist prejudice that holds ALL women to be likewise self-serving, manipulative, irrational, unfair... now organized into a kind of monolithic Collective Shrew, throwing a massive slo-mo cultural tantrum among us. It is the classic tactic of infantile Passive Control, a strategy vehemently protested against by Equity Feminists, who are none of that...

"What we are seeing in this headless misandry is a grand display of the Tyranny of the 'Underdog:' 'I am a wretchedly longstanding victim; therefore I own no burden of adult accountability, nor need to honor any restraint against my words and actions. In fact, all efforts to restrain me are only further proof of my oppressed condition.'

"It is the most perfect trump-card against accountable living ever devised."

A gigantic machine has been created of mind-programming in the fringe “philosophy” of female biological superiority, their cunning victimology as a tool of acquiring social and legal privilege, and a power tool for amassing material wealth for the cleverly self-avowed "underdog,” the special treatment effectively putting women as a class above the law and subjugating men to a presumption of guilt, on a grand scale unparalleled, unprecedented in history. Like all else in America, with money pouring into any "grand" idea, MacDworkinism ™ is monstrous in its proportions and impact on the lives whom their juggernaut crushes for generations to come. Like all other social crimes in America, this injustice is ignored and downplayed by the mass-media in favor of fringe causes like 'save the whales,' although the mass media has not recognized yet the fact that it is itself doomed.

Victimised pussyAs the women's movement turned fanatical and ugly in the 1960’s and on, its focus drastically shifted from equal opportunity for women to special opportunities, special privileges, and preferential treatment for women as their gender birthright. It used its contrived, self-perpetuated, vengeful rage against males as a tool of social engineering. The rage became hip, fashionable, a lasting fad, and a sign of being “progressive.” The feminist leaders – pugnacious, humorless, militant and angry with their own lot in life, launched loud media propaganda campaigns that were anti-family, anti-male, anti-capitalism, anti-birth, anti-heterosexual sex, anti-christian, anti-religion, and fostered a virulent hatred of anything having to do with men, boys, fathers, families and religion.

For its devout adherents, this fake rage has become a New Religion, and a fat cash cow. They found much support among politicians in the bloated government of the US, secretly seeking Nazi-style or Stalinist control, censorship, and expansion of their already strong choke-hold on the American system of government, the country’s dwindling democratic institutions and traditions, its "educational system" and mass-media used for brain-washing the masses. They want to project their ideology and their choke-hold on power into the future, which they secure for generations of political dynasties, like Kennedys. Former Sen. Joe "The Plagiarist" Biden, (Obama's choice of Vice-president) who boasted of bruises at the hand of his sister, made a career of VAWA, the most fascist, unconstitutional, unethical piece of legislation ever devised anywhere in the world. Americans also owe to Joe "The Loan Shark" Biden "many thanks" for him allowing the largest banks to charge loan-shark credit card rates of over 24% percent. The banks are terrific lobbyists: they channel a small portion of the tax-payer funds they got for free as TARP money into the senator's coffers, in exchange, he lets them get away with financial murder of their customers, and everybody is happy. The same process is afoot with VAWA and feminazi judges. Joe Biden has a nose for money. Who says money does not smell? Joe, the necrophiliac, is in bed with his darling Andrea Dworkin, dead since 2005.

The Genesis of Prejudice: It Begins in School.

Prejudice Begins in SchoolLinda Christopher's J.D. is from the Antioch School of Law. The school was created in 1972 by activists Edgar S. and Jean Camper Cahn, who championed the rights of low-income people and minorities. Great. More power to them! The school was committed to training public interest lawyers and pioneered a comprehensive clinical approach to the study of law. Over 60% of the student body were women. – Nothing's wrong with any of that, or the school's ostensible mission to help the poor. Not believable, but nice. But there was a shady side, hiding behind those lofty goals. Linda Chrstopher seems to be carrying on the shady side of Antioch’s tradition in her own way, which pours the money into her pocket, and the coffers of her political supporters: screw the facts, dash the law, I am the law, and I will screw you, the “oppressors” and I will screw over young your sons, any which way I can.

The author of these pages is from a family that fought political oppression and corruption of the Communist Soviet regime for generations, his father - an internationally renowned criminal lawyer and WWII veteran – overseing the courts, especially in capital punishment cases. The author fled the Soviet Union in 1981 to the U.S, only to find himself years later literally stunned, when confronted by the Rockland family court system where fraud, corruption, cruelty, bribes and political activism are the “rule" in the hands of Linda Christophers of this world, who in her practice is no better than judges in Nazi Gestapo courts.

Just like the Soviet Bolsheviks, The Antioch School of Law proclaimed its good intentions and lofty goals, but it taught nasty methods and attitudes. Entrance examinations were non-existent. A student could have an IQ of 60 and be admitted as long as she proclaimed to be "a fighter for social justice." The school was not ABA accredited and was finally closed in 1988.

Here's an interesting entry on Wiki: "The program's tacit goal was to produce attorneys whose abilities and reputation for aggressiveness were such that potential opposing counsel - generally viewed as corporate lackeys or defenders of the forces of reaction - would be cowed into beneficial compromise by the prospect of facing annihilation in the courtroom at the hands of Antioch alumni. "

True to this form, Judge Linda Christopher has an inexhaustible supply of legal tricks in her arsenal. Just one example: For just being a man, a male litigant gets supervised visitations only: even then he cannot see his child because Linda Christopher would not commit to writing her oral order for months, and when she does, she would not send a copy of it to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rockland, where the fathers misfortunate to be before this feminazi judge, are allowed to see their children, under strict supervision.

It is the strong political orientation of this school and its contempt for the existing body of law that must give a voter a pause. Apparently, Linda Christopher carries the torch, teaching seminars on Domestic Violence, a magic wand that subverts the law the moment the words (D-V) are uttered. In her warped mind of an opportunistic feminazi advocate, when an ex-wife finds 6 years after their divorce that her former husband has a girlfriend, it’s an act of Domestic Violence against the ex-wife. Her court is the place to spin lies out of control until they assume the life of their own.

Straight from the Horse's Mouth: The Genesis of the Domestic Violence Movement or "Who Stole Feminism"

A rather revealing story on where the national Domestic Violence movement came from and how it tested the unchartered waters of mass-monetization, appeared in the November 01, 2004 issue of The Oregonian, as told by activists Lisa Schroeder and Bonnie Tinker, who claim to be the inventors of the concept. Said Tinker, the creator of the gay-rights advocacy group, Love Makes a Family:

“In fact, it was a small group of lesbians from Portland who were at the forefront of a national movement to provide safe havens for women… We knew that foundations were not going to fund a house for a bunch of homeless bar dykes.”  

“We realized the language that would be understood was the language of battered women… We had a house, but we really didn't know what we were doing,” Tinker said. “We just declared ourselves a social-service agency because we needed an agency to receive corporate donations and state grants."

In our Western society built on traditions of chivalry, this self-described commune of “homeless bar dykes” was soon awash in corporate and state money.  They rolled in dow. The poor, abused women. Thus, the fabulous fraud of “violence against women” was borne and billions of tax-payer and private dollars began to pour into the pockets of those “who stole feminism.”

How's Linda Christopher different from Gestapo judges of Nazi Germany ?

the oppressed women of the Rockland Bar Association

Peer pressure: Just checking that the judge maintains the official party line.

Hobnobbing with the power-brokers ensures their contnued support.

It secures carreer advancement for the judge loyal to their cause.

The sexual orientation is irrelevant. What is relevant to the New York voters is the clear and present danger of allowing Linda Christopher to be a judge, let alone get into the Supreme Court: she is a willing functionary of the system which seeks to destroy men. Linda Christopher is a vicious feminazi. She does not care about the facts of any particular case or about the law. That's not her job. If the facts contradict her ideology, she hides them from the record. If there is confident documentary evidence, it will be never mentioned on the record. If there are eye-witnesses, they will not be allowed to testify. In fact, she will "fix" the case at ex parte and attorneys-only meetings, the mere fact of which she will keep off-the-record. If there is evidence of such illegal "fixing," she will get out of her way, ordering the staff to conceal it. She represents corrupt politics that reward the likes of her for expropriating family savings and ruining the lives of the Children of this state. The ruthless Linda “The Child Abuser” Christopher has cut her teeth as a lawyer on child trafficking to the highest bidder in adoption cases.

In her court, judge Christopher is no better than the judges who were sending millions of men to slow death in the Soviet GULAG during the Stalin’s Great Purges or the Gestapo judges who were sending millions of Jews, communists, and Poles to Nazi concentration camps. Just Google her name to see dozens of complaints of abuse of power by this tyrant.

Linda the Feminazi Christopher

Judge Linda Christopher, a shameless self-promoter and tyrant. Abusing the people of Rockland County of NY since 2005. (Picture taken in August-2010 for her campaign to ride into the New York Supreme Court on the backs of duped voters.)


The great marketing genius of the feminazi election machine attempts to dupe the voters again. But make no mistake, the fake blondie shown here, displays her true, ugly substance behind her rapidly dilapidating facade, in her every action. She bulges out her watery-blue eyes, trying to stare you down, igniting them with hatred whenever she deliberately hurts you for no other reason than you being a man, making threatening gestures, attempting to intimidate male litigants with her body language of a street hooligan (all off-the-record, as body language isn't anything the court audio-recorder would pick up), looking ludicrous, like a grotesque off-Broadway caricature feminazi, which she is, although her actions as a judge are truly frightening, indeed. Be scared. Be very scared. She is a Gestapo judge. It does not matter whether you are a Catholic, protestant, muslim, agnostic, a Sun-worshipper, a bank president or a bank robber. You are a man. In her Gestapo court you are a Jew. And she will send you to slow death.

Irma Grese, in 1945

Irma Grese the SS woman

What is the Difference Between these two women?

Irma Grese, on the left, was an SS-woman guard in Belsen concentration camp. Survivors testified that she beat prisoners to death, arbitrarily shot them dead, savaged prisoners by her trained and half-starved German Sheppard dog, selected prisoners for the gas chambers. She wore heavy boots, carried a cellophane-plated whip and a pistol, whipping to the ground, then stomping them to death with her boots. She apparently derived sexual pleasure when committing acts of sadistic cruelty.   Two American soldiers were courtmarshalled for their "gallantry," (a woman, you see) – their refusal to take her to the gallows. She was hanged by the British on Dec 22, 1945.

According to some natives of the Rockland County, Linda's been a sociopathic weirdo from her childhood, and even today would only appear normal occasionally, thanks to psychotropic drugs. Irma's met justice. Linda is prospering off her psychopathy.

- So, what is the fundamental difference between these two? One difference is that Irma testified "she was following orders," while Linda issues them.

Linda Christopher, in 2005

Linda Christopher the Feminazi

"Feminism is the intellectual organization of gender hatred, just as Marxism was the intellectual organization of class hatred. Feminism's business is fashioning weapons to be used against men in society, education, politics, law and divorce court. The feminist aim is to overthrow "patriarchal tyranny." In this undertaking, the male's civil rights count for no more than those of the bourgeoisie in Soviet Russia or the Jews in National Socialist Germany."

in What civil rights has wrought. By Paul Craig Roberts, July 26, 2000 - Creators Syndicate. ( Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Roberts has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations.)

The State's "best interests" in using children as cannon fodder:

The Culture of Pitting Children Against Parents :


Pavlik Morozov: The Soviet propaganda spin on Parental Alienation:


Misandry: The hatred of men. Typically associated with the radical feminists. In the feminists circles misandry is considered by many to be an acceptable form of bigotry. Notable misandrists include: Radical feminist writer Andrea Dworkin and her co-author in writing the text of the Violence Against Women Act, Catherine MacKinnon. Among the prominent Rockland County misandrist are the Family Court judges Linda Christopher and Catherine Miklitsch, the mujaheddine in the holly war on men and their sons.

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