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A males penis and balls are an evil weapon used on females. "ALL" males should be castrated, first their nuts snipped followed by their dicks. They serve no purpose but to cause pain to women. Women will rule the world in a few short years, castration will be as common as circumcision some day. There will be a 'national snip day' POWER TO FEMALES

Ms Connie

Ms Connie I "love" the idea of a national "snip" day. Males would begin to line up at 12 midnite (totally naked of course) at their local gov"t building. Males of any age would attend, young and old. Thru the 24 hr. holiday males would undergo castration (both balls and sack). Female girls would be excused from school so they could attend, and all females would have a paid holiday so they could enjoy the holiday. Females could view in person, males giving up their nuts for the holiday. There would be complete television coverage thru out the day showing this wonderful event. Following the holiday all males would parade thru the streets naked showing off their loss of balls. Only their little pee-pees would show. With females taking charge and ruling the world, this could actually happen. The sooner the better. The motto "OFF WITH YOUR BALLS" 



National SNIP Day what a wonderful idea. I agree with Ms. Connie and Donna there should be a national holiday for women to celebrate castrating their men. Lets face it after a man has fulfilled his duties to father a family most women don"t need him. Castrating him would be perfect. He would not think with his dick after we took his balls. He would have pleanty of time to work and support the family. Now if a women does not want children (her decision totally) he could be castrated any time. Lets face it a dick and balls are a joke. UGLY at best. And public display would be most enjoyable. Just picture 100's of naked men lined up with their silly things hanging. Going in one door and coming out the other door with 'NO BALLS' OK ladies lets take a vote, how about a 'NATIONAL SNIP HOLIDAY'? 



 I think we should have a National C*ck Removal Holiday, there being a lottery to see which guys loses their dicks each year. In that way, the c*ckless men would suffer endless blue balls and be horny forever with no way of release, as well as be unable to rape women. I'd love to eat a guy's dick.


Oh yes lets eat their dicks Jennifer! And then castrate them after they begged us on their knees for several years. 

Castration power to the women


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