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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                         New York, USA.  Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Legal cases are “fixed” at ex parte “conferences” between Jacqueline Sands (the self-appointed “law guardian”) and her former boss, Judge Linda Christopher, behind the back of the litigant, in blatant violation of the Due Process of law, NY Judiciary Law, Canons of Judicial Conduct and rules of the court.

Ms. Jacqueline Sands is an “attorney for children” who acquired notoriety in the New York legal community as a “child murderess,” and a lawyer who is “never confused by the facts.” (She had recommended custody to a mentally ill mother, also a lawyer, who subsequently killed her child.)  Ms. Sands employs illegal ex parte meetings with the judge and “testifies” in court, fabricating “evidence”, as shown here and further, in separate upcoming press releases. 

Thus, on August 24, 2009, Jacqueline Sands held an ex parte conference in the courthouse with Judge Linda Christopher, her former boss at the Legal Aid Society, in absence of the parties, at which the two "officers of the court" made decisions in advance of the upcoming trial in order to pre-fix its outcome, as disclosed (perhaps accidentally) in the fax letter from J. Sands to Judge Linda Christopher. By so doing they violated NYS Judiciary Law, Rules of the Chief Administrator, Rules and Codes governing the conduct of Attorneys for Children and Judges. In further violation of the law, they concealed said “conference” despite their duty to disclose to the respondent against whom they had conspired at said ex parte “conference.” Further, the trial court attempted to “lose” said letter from the court file and even deny its existence; it denied the respondent access to the file, in violation of Due Process; Respondent gained access to his own file only after its transference to the Appellate Division.

In her fax letter of September 4, 2009 to Judge Linda Christopher, Ms. Sands refers to the “conference held on August 24, 2009” – apparently to jog judge’s memory of the decision made at this clandestine “conference.” The “conference” was held in absence of the party and his attorney, just between the Judge and her former cohort Jacqueline Sands, a party to the proceeding scheduled for 9/8/09. The hand-written markings at the top of the fax letter clearly indicate it as material to the trial to be held two weeks later, on 9/8/09. Despite the deliberately deceptive lettering “cc:”, no copy was provided to the respondent; the mere fact of the occurrence of the ex-parte conference, as well as the substance of what Ms. Sands discussed with Judge Christopher was conceal from the record of the trial and the respondent.

Only because we had obtained a digital photo of said letter through inside sources, did the court's personnel "found" the “incredible disappearing letter, ” which proves the occurrence of the ex parte conference on August 24, 2009; it can be scrutinised at this URL: www.RocklandFamilyCourt/release-1/LG-Letter-Re-Ex-Parte-Conference.pdf . This and other far-reaching ex parte decisions and orders are documented in www.RocklandFamilyCourt/release-1/Appellate-Brief-Names-Sanitized.pdf (search for “ex parte”, or see page 15.)
Contact: Eric Ross, Ph.D.
Investigative Reporter, National Writers Syndicate
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:           New York, USA.  Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Court Solving US Unemployment by … Starving Men

Rockland County (NY) Family Court hearing Examiner Catherine Miklitsch has been “solving” America’s Unemployment problem.

While the Structural Unemployment in the U.S. is at peak levels not seen since the Great Depression, as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank Ben Bernanke recently stated [fn-1], Miklitsch creates “paper jobs” to jack up Child Support to unemployed obligors, telling them “to get a job” and dictates how much they should be earning. Abusing discretion, she imputes incomes unrealistic in the current economic environment, which effectively sends the obligor Fathers into debtors’ prison.  When offered the official statistics of the US Department of Labor on the Unemployment rate, Ms. Miklitsch rejects these facts on the false pretext that they must be “certified” by the Secretary of Labor.

She sent to jail retired Sgt. Christopher Burger, a decorated US military service veteran unemployed since 2007. She had ordered his Child Support at the level as if he were employed at the highest paying job in his career, despite his loss of employment in 2007 – through no fault of his own. When the Appellate Court ordered him released and ruled that Mr. Burger was overbilled, nearly $19,000 was “credited” to him… on paper. – The problem is that Magistrate Miklitsch and the NYS Support Enforcement continue to ignore the very credit she had ordered. Instead, she rejected his Modification Petitions, jacked up Mr. Burger’s child support obligation and threatens to jail him again. After searching high and low, Mr. Burger finally found a job, except it pays much less than he used to earn. After the Child Support garnishment, his take home per week is as low as $1.15. (That’s right – ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTEEN CENTS!)[fn-2]

Examiner Miklitsch ordered Eric Ross, a retired former IT worker, age 65, unemployed since 2001, to pay as if he had a job earning over $50 thousand per year, taking most of his Social Security Retirement towards the CS for one child. That’s despite the one  thousand dollars a month his son already receives from Social Security as a child of a retiree. She left the father less than $600 a month to subsist on, and forked over to the mother, a well-paid banker, an additional $2000/month to her already nice income. Aren’t there New York Child Support Guidelines? – Yes, but she supersedes them with her “discretion.”

Magistrate Miklitsch abuses discretion the other way when it comes to a NY father with full custody of four children, when the fully employed mother is ordered to pay the whole… $25/month for all four of their children. While “every case is different”, an immediate comparison with thousands or hundreds of dollars a month charged to fathers, and legal gimmicks against them raises questions of gender discrimination, abuse of discretion and fraud. 

Said Eric Ross, Ph.D.: “Examiner Miklitsch is deliberately starving many New York families. It is not unlike the program Nazis enforced in occupied Europe to starve 20 million “undesirables” in 1941.  Financial annihilation is a way to kill silently, in absence of any public and media attention. . Miklitsch would even claim that she is “protecting the interests of children”, while she is engaged in a racket where she is personally rewarded by federal Title IV (d) dollars.

Contact: Eric Ross, Ph.D., Investigative Reporter, National Writers Syndicate
(845) 268-5565

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Family Court Solving US Unemployment by … Starving Men

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